Mega Motion

Mega Motion, Inc. is a leading provider of mobility products, specializing in scooters and lift chairs. The company’s goal is to provide low-cost mobility aids to individuals who need assistance with mobility, but are financially unable to pay the high cost of these types of products. Come see what Mega Motion has to offer.

Easy Comfort and Quiet Motion

The Mega Motion lift chair provides a quiet lift experience, bringing you to your feet with minimal disturbance to those around you. Your family will love that you can get up and down without assistance and you’ll love the freedom your lift chair will give you. At a fraction of the cost of regular lift chairs, Mega Motion puts lift recliners in the hands of those who wouldn’t normally have been able to afford them.

Mega Motion’s lift mechanism is made from heavy duty steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. All other parts come with a two-year warranty. The chair frame is made from hard wood and the fabric is coated with soil guard. Mega Motion’s chairs are all Cal 117 certified, meaning Mega Motion tests its upholstery and foam to meet California Bureau of Home Furnishings standards.

For extra security, each chair comes with an integrated emergency battery backup. In case of a power outage, your chair will still work, thanks to this backup. The backup system requires two 9-volt batteries, not included, which will need to be changed after each use.

But just because Mega Motion’s chairs are inexpensive, doesn’t mean  you’re sacrificing quality. Mega Motion’s Infinite Position chair features luxuriously comfortable design and three reclining positions, along with its standard heavy-duty construction and lifetime warranty. The three-position chaise lounger has three reclining positions, including one position that is an almost full recline. You can nap in luxury then, upon waking, at a touch of a button push yourself to a standing position.

Mega Motion also manufacturers reasonably-priced scooters. With lightweight, compact designs and scratch-resistant plastic, you’ll be zooming around your neighborhood in style. One model even offers a basket so you can zoom to the grocery store and back without even needing a car.

Mega Motion is a subsidiary of Pride Mobility, a leading manufacturer of mobility products. Pride Mobility offers a wide variety of lift chairs and scooters and is considered the leader in the mobility product industry. Pride Mobility’s website can help lead you to the funding sources to get financial assistance to purchase the mobility products you need. Some insurance companies cover a portion of the cost for these devices and Medicaid has an application process to help get funding to those who need it. Pride provides links to the information for your state.

If you’re looking for a luxurious lift seat but unable to shell out thousands of dollars, the Mega Motion line of lift recliners is the line for you. Check out Mega Motion’s line of products today and find one that fits your budget.

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