Uplift Technologies

Specializing in lift chairs and light therapy lights, Uplift Technologies strives to bring customers comfort and relief. Uplift understands health and wellness is every customer’s priority and works hard to bring revolutionary products to the market. See what Uplift Technologies can do for your life.

Levelift Technology

Most lift chairs require electricity to operate, with a lifting motor that brings you to your feet. Uplift Technologies uses Levelift technology, which uses a cushioned self-powered gas spring to lift you to your feet, requiring no power to operate. As you start to stand, your Uplift Technologies chair will move with you, pushing you to your feet at an angle that prevents jarring you forward suddenly.

Even better, Uplift Technologies provides Levelift in a standalone seat that folds up for portability, allowing you to take your power seat with you everywhere you go. Uplift Technologies also provides Levelift in its Commode Assist product. Commode Assist is a lifting commode chair that helps push you to your feet after using the commode or toilet. The metal frame snaps easily over your toilet, with a snap-on seat that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Beauty in a lift chair

The Risedale lift chair from Uplift Technologies comes in four colors and is Medicare reimbursable if you qualify. The Risedale is covered in Brocade 100% polyester fabric, which is both shrink and run resistant.

The Risedale comes with an optional matching ottoman to allow you to relax and read. Both the chair’s and the ottoman’s legs are adjustable to match your height. No worrying about having to fit into a chair that isn’t quite designed for your height. Uplift Technologies’ Risedale is ideal for everyone.

A proven leader

Uplift Technologies specializes in providing unique, quality products to the health and wellness market. Uplift Technology’s goal is to improve the quality of life, beginning with its light therapy systems, which help relieve symptoms of seasonal depression.

Uplift’s Day-Light Bright Therapy products also help regulate sleep patterns of those who travel or work night shifts. Sunlight has been proven to be a necessity for overall health, especially in normalizing our circadian rhythms. Not enough sunlight and you may suffer sleep problems, moodiness, and fatigue, among many other symptoms. If you work odd shifts or live in a poorly lit home or apartment, you may be suffering from sunlight deprivation. Uplift Technologies has two therapy systems that can be set up in your home so that you can begin benefiting from light exposure immediately.

Uplift Technology’s light therapy products have been tested and proven to be effective. Our light therapy products feature BrightZone technology, which is recommended by experts.

With a variety of unique products to improve your health and wellness, Uplift Technologies is a proven leader in the field of health and wellness products. Uplift specializes in bringing state-of-the-art products to customers who need them.

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